Our Rosslyn (97 St). location now exclusively delivers to the Northside (North of the Yellowhead and within the Henday).

Our Jasper Place (Stony Plain Rd.) location still delivers everywhere in the greater Edmonton Area


In the ever-evolving world of cannabis consumption, General Admission has emerged as a leading brand, offering a range of premium cannabis-infused pre-rolls and vapes. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and providing a remarkable experience, General Admission has gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. In this blog post, we will explore some of their most sought-after products, including the Taster Pack, Tiger Blood, and Peach Ringz.

The Taster Pack: A Gateway to Exploration

For those new to General Admission’s offerings, the Taster Pack is the perfect introduction. This carefully curated selection features a variety of their signature cannabis-infused pre-rolls, allowing users to sample different strains and flavors. With the Taster Pack, you can embark on a journey of exploration, discovering your preferences and experiencing the diverse effects of their products. It’s an excellent selection for the seasoned cannabis user who is looking to expand their horizons.

Tiger Blood: Unleash Your Inner Beast

For those who prefer a more mellow and soothing experience, Tiger Blood offers a delightful combination of flavors and effects. Tiger Blood delights the senses with the fragrant essence of watermelon, the sweetness of ripe strawberries, and a velvety hint of coconut upon each exhale. Calling it mouthwatering just doesn’t do it justice. Each puff immerses you in a wave of relaxation, calming both body and mind. Tiger Blood is the perfect choice for unwinding after a long day, indulging in a moment of tranquility, or simply enjoying a serene evening with friends.

Peach Ringz: A Blissful Fusion of Sweetness and Relaxation

If you’re seeking an invigorating and powerful experience, look no further than Peach Ringz. These cannabis-infused pre-rolls and vapes feature a delectable peach-infused terpene profile, reminiscent of your favorite childhood candy. Peach Ringz is known for its ability to awaken the senses, providing a surge of energy and focus that can propel you through the day. Whether you need an extra boost during a workout or a creative kickstart for a project, Peach Ringz will elevate your experience to new heights.

General Admission’s Commitment to Quality:

Beyond their exceptional products, General Admission is dedicated to ensuring the utmost quality and safety in every aspect of their operations. They meticulously select premium cannabis strains, source high-grade ingredients, and employ rigorous testing procedures to guarantee purity and potency. With a commitment to transparency, General Admission provides detailed information about their products, including strain profiles, THC and CBD content, and usage recommendations.


General Admission’s cannabis-infused pre-rolls and vapes offer an extraordinary journey into the world of cannabis consumption. From the versatile Taster Pack to the invigorating Peach Ringz and the blissful Tiger Blood, their range of products caters to a wide range of preferences and experiences. By consistently prioritizing quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, General Admission has earned its reputation as a trusted brand in the cannabis industry. So, whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a curious newcomer, General Admission invites you to elevate your experience and discover a new level of enjoyment with their exceptional offerings.