Our Rosslyn (97 St). location now exclusively delivers to the Northside (North of the Yellowhead and within the Henday).

Our Jasper Place (Stony Plain Rd.) location still delivers everywhere in the greater Edmonton Area

Edmonton Weed Delivery

Weed Delivery in Edmonton?

You’re among the first to know that we now offer cannabis delivery in Edmonton! Specifically, our Jasper Place (Stony Plain Rd.)  location provides delivery service to all of greater Edmonton, extending to areas such as St. Albert and Sherwood Park. Meanwhile, our Rosslyn (97 St) location focuses on North Edmonton, covering everything north of the Yellowhead Trail and within the Henday.

Same day delivery if an order is placed by 6:15pm!

We offer two delivery window options:

Delivery Window #1: 2pm – 6pm (Order must be placed by 1:45pm)
Delivery Window #2: 6:30pm – 10pm (Order must be placed by 6:15pm)

Delivery fees starting at $6.99 and free delivery available at checkout
*Delivery Fees will vary based on distance from the store you order from
*The driver is required to verify the customer upon arrival

We offer free delivery everywhere in Edmonton – See below for free delivery option breakdown:

Zone #1:

If you spend a minimum of $75, the delivery fee is waived
Minimum Order For Delivery: $30 | Delivery Fee: $6.99

Zone #2:

If you spend a minimum of $100, the delivery fee is waived
Minimum Order For Delivery: $35 | Delivery Fee: $10.50

Zone #3:

If you spend a minimum of $120, the delivery fee is waived
Minimum Order For Delivery: $40 | Delivery Fee: $15.00

*Zones are based from distance from chosen cannabis store location*

Steps for Edmonton weed delivery. Fastest and most reliable cannabis delivery

What does this mean for Select Cannabis?

This means better serving our immediate communities such as Rosslyn, Jasper Avenue, Britannia Youngstown, West Jasper Place, Glenwood, Canora, Britannia Youngstown, and Glenwood with the best weed delivery service in Edmonton.

No matter what, you can expect Select Cannabis to deliver the same premium cannabis products- flowers, prerolls, vapes, edibles, and concentrates! We will provide convenience, great pricing and of course weed delivery right to your door steps!

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What does it mean for you?

Living in Edmonton can be hectic, but soon you’ll be able to just relax and use our weed delivery service. Wouldn’t that be awesome to order directly and receive our products right at your doorstep? You’ll no longer have to wait around or go out to collect your cannabis products. You’ll enjoy same-day delivery wherever you are in Edmonton, with online ordering open 24/7. The day you need it is the day we will provide you with it. You’ll just cross off that additional errand, since we will get you marijuana delivered right to your home! That’s especially useful during the current coronavirus pandemic as you can get your weed delivered to your doorstep without any issues.

How does it work ?

You’ll just go to our website and hit the “Shop now” button of the location closest to you. You’ll choose all the products you want from our dispensary. After adding them to the cart you’ll enter your personal and delivery details. Then you’ll receive an order confirmation when you finish ordering. That’s it, the delivery driver will come at the selected delivery time. And you’ll just show him your ID to collect your weed products.

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Order now!

Whether you are a tourist or a local looking for a professional weed delivery service, look no further. Select-Cannabis is the top choice in Edmonton for a variety of reasons. Our customers know we offer exceptional service and unmatched cannabis knowledge. Right now we’re delivering our huge product line, including a massive variety of edibles, THC-infused drinks, tinctures, concentrates, vape cartridges, pods, CBD products and pre-rolls. Everything is available for speedy delivery 24/7. All in all you’ll no longer have to pop up to our Jasper Place and Rosslyn storefronts to get your weed. You just need a good weed delivery service and there’s no better service than Select-Cannabis.

How to Order Edmonton Cannabis Delivery

Online Cannabis Delivery Orders & Pickup
You must first get age verified and this requires entering your birthdate, name and address that matches exactly to your ID. Next you will have to submit a photo of your ID for confirmation and this will take less than a minute. Once verified, you have full access to our cannabis menus with photos, THC and CBD levels and you will have the option to add items to your cart for delivery or pickup in store.

Walk In
Currently we have three locations. If you are on the west end our Stony Plain Rd. location easily accessible if you are in or around Britannia Youngstown, West Jasper Place, and Glenwood). If you are closer to the north end of Edmonton, you can visit our Rosslyn location, check out our Rosslyn Cannabis Dispensary. For those in the vibrant central neighborhoods of Westwood, Eastwood, Cromdale, Monterose, and McCauley, our Alberta Ave location is your go-to spot.

Your choice matters. You matter to us.

AGLC License Search: https://aglc.ca/cannabis/retail-cannabis/cannabis-licensee-search