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Jasper Place Cannabis Dispensary

Store Details

10124 149 St NW Edmonton, AB T5P 1L1
Store Hours
Monday: 10AM – 10PM Tuesday: 10AM – 10PM Wednesday: 10AM – 10PM Thursday: 10AM – 10PM Friday: 10AM – 11PM Saturday: 10AM – 11PM Sunday: 10AM – 10PM

About Our Jasper Place Cannabis Dispensary

You’ve tried to find a cannabis dispensary in Jasper Place (and nearby areas such as West Jasper, Britannia) that have Cannabis products, but you’re always left disappointed. Oftentimes, there’s something missing (and it’s not just about the products). A smile that didn’t come, a product that you wanted but stock isn’t available, or maybe just that the vibe didn’t come through to you. You feel like you didn’t belong? We know that all too well when it comes to many Cannabis Dispensaries we know of. You’re tired of having to drive all the way downtown just to get your cannabis. The prices are high, and you don’t know what you’re getting. We are a dedicated family-run business. What that means for you is personalized service and exceptional attention to detail when it comes to serving you.

Available Cannabis Products

For us, you aren’t just a customer. When you join our online community or check out our Cannabis online store or visit any of our Cannabis dispensaries in Edmonton (including the Rosslyn location), you are a part of our ever-growing, loyal community. Made broadly from dominant Cannabis strains such as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrids, each of these strains provide a different recreational utopia, so to speak. You have a need, we have the Cannabis product that fits. If you want to learn more, the stage is set. Imagine walking into a cannabis dispensary where the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. At Select Cannabis, West Jasper Place Cannabis Dispensary, we have everything you need from pre-rolls to flower; vapes to edibles, Cannabis accessories, Cannabis weed, Cannabis edibles, and even own curated merchandise collections. At our Jasper Place Cannabis Dispensary, we also have Cannabis concentrates, Marijuana sprays, Topical Cannabis products, Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Capsules, and so much more. Some of our top products include Wappa by Redecan, Tropic GSC by General Admission (made from Sativa strain), and Tropic Thunder by Shred (a Hybrid strain product). Want to sort and muse along? Looking for a bewildering and exotic mix of Cannabis products made with the Indica Strain? Grab the White Rhino Flower, Subway Scientist Cannabis Pre-roll, Pink Kush Flower, or the Critical Orange Punch pre-roll. Some of our best Sativa-based Cannabis collections are Lemon Z by Ogen, Jack Haze by 7 Acres, Chalice Vape Cartridges, Blue Dream Flower, Limelight Flower by Edison, Free Pre-roll, and Spark Stix Pre-roll. And we haven’t even started talking about a parallel range of Cannabis products based on hybrids, Cannabis blends, Cannabis beverages, and Cannabis accessories. Find them all here at Select Cannabis Online Store. You’d only have to have the patience to ask, browse, and indulge. We are here to serve.

Come Visit!

Walk-in and browse through an array of Cannabis products, right here at West Jasper place (also close by to Britannia Youngstown, West Jasper Place, and Glenwood, Canora). We offer a wide range of products at competitive prices with friendly staff that will help guide you towards the right product for your needs. Jasper Place Cannabis Dispensary offers an unparalleled experience for recreational consumers looking for quality products at competitive prices. We invite you to tour our stores and our website today! We also sell your favourite Cannabis products online and deliver products right to your doorstep. Check out our online store now. Our visit any of our locations (Jasper Place and Rosslyn). We can’t wait to see you.