Our Rosslyn (97 St). location now exclusively delivers to the Northside (North of the Yellowhead and within the Henday).

Our Jasper Place (Stony Plain Rd.) location still delivers everywhere in the greater Edmonton Area

Introduction: When it comes to purchasing cannabis products in Edmonton, you’ll find a range of options, including both corporate chains and independent retailers. While corporate dispensaries may have their advantages, this blog will highlight why independent retailers shine and why they can provide a unique and exceptional experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

Personalized Service and Expertise:

One of the key advantages of independent cannabis retailers is the personalized service and expertise they offer. Unlike large corporate chains, independent dispensaries often have a strong focus on customer satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships with their clientele. The knowledgeable staff at independent retailers are typically passionate about cannabis and possess a deep understanding of the products they carry. This expertise allows them to provide personalized recommendations, guidance, and education to customers, ensuring they find the right strains and products to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Curated Selection and Local Brands:

Independent cannabis retailers often take pride in curating their product selection, showcasing a diverse range of high-quality cannabis strains and products. They frequently prioritize offering unique and locally sourced options, supporting local producers and artisans within the community. This commitment to supporting local brands fosters a sense of community engagement and contributes to the overall vibrancy of the cannabis industry in Edmonton. A few local producers that you can find at a Select Cannabis Store are: Token, Next Friday, General Admission, Natural History, and Freedom Cannabis.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Independent retailers have the advantage of being more agile and adaptable compared to larger corporate chains. They can readily respond to evolving consumer demands and market trends, quickly incorporating new products and adjusting their offerings based on customer feedback. This flexibility enables them to stay at the forefront of the cannabis industry, providing customers with the latest and most sought-after strains and products.

Engaging and Inclusive Atmosphere:

Independent dispensaries often strive to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for cannabis enthusiasts. These establishments prioritize fostering a sense of community, where customers feel comfortable and encouraged to explore and discuss their preferences openly. The intimate setting of independent retailers allows for more personalized interactions, facilitating a warm and inviting experience that goes beyond mere transactions.

Supporting the Local Economy:

Choosing independent retailers helps support the local economy in Edmonton. By purchasing from these establishments, you contribute directly to the success of local businesses, allowing them to thrive and continue providing exceptional products and services. This support strengthens the local cannabis industry, encourages innovation, and enriches the community as a whole.

Conclusion: While corporate chains have their merits, independent cannabis retailers offer distinct advantages that set them apart. From personalized service and expertise to curated selections, flexibility, and a welcoming atmosphere, independent dispensaries in Edmonton create an enriching and enjoyable cannabis purchasing experience. By choosing to support independent retailers, you not only gain access to unique products and exceptional service but also contribute to the growth and vitality of the local cannabis community.